San Francisco, CA – It’s official! CANNA SIMPLY NATURAL made its debut at several San Francisco dispensaries introducing new, innovative and exciting premium marijuana infused edibles.

OH YES! CANNA SIMPLY NATURAL is creating a buzz and making a splash with a new line of infused, natural, handcrafted edibles.  Canna Simply Natural offers lab tested organic, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, and certified green edibles full of fresh flavors providing all the benefits without the bad taste.   The results, by those who have sampled the products, are stellar giving the founder all the affirmation, that the several years journey of passion and quality came to life!

What about the numbers? Well, supply and demand, the ultimate American story, was evidenced with all the emails and phones ringing off the hook.  You know a good thing when dispensaries run out of inventory within hours of receiving delivery on the same day. Nothing can beat quality!

The product popularity increased after having real market consumer feedback. “OMG, this is so good, definitely has its own character”, “WOW, definitely can actually taste the ingredients with a very barely traceable hint of the cannabis,” “delicious, best thing I’ve tasted in edibles!”

Canna Simply Natural recognized that marijuana consumers are preferring edibles over smoking and have become much more sophisticated about the quality and taste. From coast to coast, Canna Simply Natural will unleash its amazing edibles in States where legal medicinal and recreational markets allow it.  The concept is inspired by its founders and team, who state “based on extensive proven research, we understand the benefits that Cannabis provides, especially the medicinal benefits for those afflicted with illness and disease; cannabis powers the body, mind and soul.”

The inspiration is behind its founder’s love for culinary and baking, but also, witnessing and suffering the loss of a mother who was afflicted by a terminal illness. “Baking and cooking has always been my passion ever since I was gifted an Easy Bake Oven for my 8th birthday. It is also a large part of my family’s culture. Now I have an opportunity to combine baking with medicinal benefits.”

For more information, please call (888) 413-9711 or email