As opposed to smoking marijuana, which is harsh on the throat and lungs, eating it is relatively gentle on the body. Some parents are choosing medical marijuana edibles to help their autistic children. Other parents are helping their children cope with severe OCD by using marijuana edibles. Elderly patients and the seriously or terminally ill are also primarily treating themselves with edible medical marijuana.

Ingesting marijuana, aka eating it, brings very different effects compared to smoking. Veteran smokers are often floored by a standard strength edible. Why is this? What about tolerance?

Edibles are different. When you eat an edible it goes into your stomach, where it gets digested and enters your GI tract. The THC in the edible enters your blood stream after about 30 to 60 minutes.

The effects of edibles take longer to come on due to how it enters our blood and moves to our brains. These effects also last longer, and can be more powerful. The contents of your stomach, body size, metabolism, and other biochemical factors will make the effects of edibles slightly different for everyone.